Deep Top to Bottom or Seasonal Cleaning

Cleaner Rx Deep Clean, Top to Bottom, and Seasonal Residential Cleaning Services

What’s done during a deep clean?

Deep Clean Bathroom:

• Showers cleaned and disinfected DEEP CLEAN: Shower door given extra attention
• Tile walls cleaned and disinfected DEEP CLEAN: Tile grout scrubbed
• Baseboards wiped or dusted DEEP CLEAN: Clean doors/frames for fingerprints
• Trash removed DEEP CLEAN: Wastebaskets sanitized
• General dusting DEEP CLEAN: Individual knickknacks cleaned
• Toilets cleaned and disinfected, including the base and behind the toilet
• Vanity and sink cleaned
• Floors washed and disinfected, carpets and rugs vacuumed
• Mirrors and fixtures cleaned and shined
• Mildew chemically treated
• Cobwebs removed
• Towels changed

Deep Clean Kitchen:

• Outside of range hood cleaned DEEP CLEAN: Inside of range hood cleaned
• Top and front of range cleaned DEEP CLEAN: Inside of oven cleaned
• Baseboards wiped or dusted DEEP CLEAN: Behind refrigerator and oven cleaned
• Fronts of fridge and dishwasher cleaned DEEP CLEAN: Inside of both cleaned
• Floors vacuumed and mopped DEEP CLEAN: Outside of cabinets washed
• Wipe table and chairs DEEP CLEAN: Doors/frames spot cleaned for fingerprints
• Microwave wiped down DEEP CLEAN: Inside of microwave cleaned
• General dusting DEEP CLEAN: Individual knickknacks cleaned
• Countertops cleaned
• Sinks cleaned and disinfected, chrome shined
• Drip pans cleaned
• Cobwebs removed

Deep Clean Living and Sleeping Areas:

• Beds made DEEP CLEAN: Clean/vacuum under the bed
• Trash emptied DEEP CLEAN: Wastebaskets sanitized
• Flat surfaces cloth dusted DEEP CLEAN: Lamp shades dusted or wiped down
• All readily accessible floors vacuumed DEEP CLEAN: Carpet edges vacuumed
• Mirrors cleaned DEEP CLEAN: Ceiling fan dusted and wiped
• Picture frames dusted DEEP CLEAN: Furniture and upholstery vacuumed
• Windowsills and ledges wiped down DEEP CLEAN: Mini-blinds dusted
• Prominent knickknacks dusted DEEP CLEAN: Every knickknack individually cleaned
• Vents dusted
• Stairs and closet floors vacuumed
• Wood floors swept and dust mopped
• Cobwebs removed
• Baseboards dusted
• Light, general straightening completed

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